Friday, November 04, 2005

Winter is Coming So are the 'Shrooms

We have now had a few bouts of rain and that means that winter will be coming. Along with it is mushroom hunting season. I unfortunately have been too busy to go out and hunt but hope to one day soon. Next Saturday November 12th I will be doing 2 cooking demonstrations for the Mendocino Wine and Mushroom Festival using domesticated wild mushrooms from Gourmet Mushroom growers of Mycopia brand mushrooms since I will unable to forage for my own. I am grateful for 'shrooms to cook.

So far this season looks good but I just have not squeezed in the time to hunt - the only kind of hunting that I believe in doing.

I encourage you to find a local mushroom group where you live. Here in Sonoma County it is It's great fun and good excuse to get outside. Happy hunting.

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