Thursday, November 17, 2005

Call me a Turkey Even though I'm The Veggie Queen

I've been so proud of my new bookmarks that go with my book that I've been handing them out like crazy. Yesterday for some reason I decided to look at the phone number listed on it and realized that the number is WRONG. This was due to my graphic designer (and my inability to proof his work as well as it needs to be -- obviously). However, for my quickie on-line business cards I also managed to put the wrong 800 number (matching the wrong one on the bookmark).

It gets even better. I decided to call the wrong number to see 1) if it was available and 2) if not, who people would be calling. The voice answered, "Electric turkey fryer, how can I help you?" I thought to myself, "This is a cruel cosmic joke. Why me?" and I laughed out loud. I had a nice conversation with the turkey fryer woman and gave her my correct 800 number which is 1-800-919-1834 (VEG). I am still shaking my head - it would have been more fitting even if it was one of those onion flower fryers. Oh, well.

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