Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gone Coastal

I am happily back from the East Coast without any major impact from Hurricane Wilma. I do truly feel for all those who were affected. It must be a nightmare.

The highlights of my trip were (in no particular order):

  • Time spent at Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, MA teaching staff and students about the benefits of heatlhy eating
  • My absolutely wonderful flight attendant Heather on Jet Blue who gave me a massage in-flight and helped heal my aching back
  • A day sitting and reading the Sunday New York Times
  • A fantastic Indian dinner at Masala Art in Needham, MA
  • Being featured on Radio at WFNX in Lynn, MA and on TV on Comcast Cable 8's Nightbeat Show from Boston that went to 3 million homes
  • And most importantly coming home safe and sound

While I enjoy being away, although I spent most of this trip working, I am most comfortable being at home. I immediately got back to real life and working on the Measure M campaign to have a 10-year moratorium on GE crops in our county (see

I urge you to watch The Future of Food as you will learn a lot about this movement and why we MUST pay attention or our food supply will be in danger, thus endangering us.

It's time to think about the vegetables. Check out my book at

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