Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flax Your Baking Muscles Contest Starts Today

Time to "Flax" Your Baking Muscles!

If you bake with flax and have a great recipe, put it to the test to win a year's supply of flax from
FlaxUSA, the country's leading producer of ground, roasted and whole seed flax from America's flax heartland, North Dakota.

Never tried baking with flax? Well it's time you did! Flax is a great substitute for eggs and butter, not to mention the most potent plant based source of heart-healthy Omega 3s. Click
here to learn more on how to bake with flax.

If you don't want to click above, let me give you a brief heads up on baking with flax from my experience:

5 tablespoons of already ground flax, or grind 3 tablespoons in a blender or spice grinder, mixed with 1/2 cup water substitutes for 2 eggs in baking. It works best as a binder, and not as well as a leavener. So no Angel Food Flax cakes -- yet.

Do not mix the flax long before mixing with other ingredients or you could end up with a very stiff, yet sticky mess.

Use golden, not brown, flax in lighter colored baked goods. Flax works well in cookies, cakes, muffins, quick breads, yeast breads, and more. Let's see what you come up with.

Your recipe must be original, or so highly adapted that you are not accidentally "stealing" some else's recipe. The recipes will be judged on use of flax, and most of all taste. Since this is a vegetarian blog, I prefer recipes without meat, especially in cupcakes. Your recipe can be for sweet or savory baking. So thinking out of the box (but not too far) is encouraged.

Entering is easy. Just post the title of your recipe here on this blog in the comment section (so that this blog doesn't get clogged with recipe text) and send a copy of the actual recipe with your email address, blog URL, if you have one, a photo (optional) to flax@crierpr.com. All recipe submissions become property of The Veggie Queen and FlaxUSA.

I will test the recipes with Stephanie Stober, the "Flax Queen" of North Dakota (and co-founder of flaxUSA). Grand prize is a 12 month supply of flax (ground or whole seed; you choose). Three runners up will win three 12 ounce shakers of
Ground Flax Sprinkles and three packages of Roasted Golden Flax Seed Snacks.

The contest starts today, February 24th and ends March 11th, so get cracking - or baking as it were.

Winners will be notified on March 16th. If you have any questions, please email me or post a comment.

Looking forward to reading about your wonderful creations. Good luck.


Libby said...

How exciting! My son is allergic to eggs (among other things) and flax seed meal is one of my favorite staples.

I have two questions: May I submit original recipes I have previously published on my blog? May I submit multiple entries?

Thanks so much for a great contest!

The Veggie Queen said...

Thanks for your comment. Previously published original recipes are fine. You can submit multiple entries but can only win 1prize. Tell others if you wish.

Kristy said...

This sounds like an interesting and fun challenge! I have a bag of flax seed in my cupboard that I purchased but never used. I had no idea you could substitute flax for eggs!

Ricki said...

Sounds like a great contest! And I love baking with flax. Are Canadians eligible?

The Veggie Queen said...


We are still trying to figure out if Canadians can enter. We love you but not necessarily the shipping to Canada. Watch for another posting on this issue.


kathy55439 said...

I want start cooking with more flax thank you for contest

Unknown said...

the name of my entry is

Chuncky Monkey Waffle Sammie

Ricki said...

Hi Jill--

I just posted a recipe for Grain-Free Lemony Almond Pancakes with flax, and I've also submitted a recipe for Gluten Free Maple Flax Cookies!

Helen said...

I'm calling my recipe "Super Food" Upside-Down Cake (also known as "Oh My! Omega!") I used one of my existing recipes - added the toasted flax & omitted the egg & some butter. This inspires me to experiment more.

The Veggie Queen said...

Hannah, Ricki and Helen,

Thank you for entering. I wish you all the best of luck. Your recipes sound wonderful.

Stay tuned,

bdmsmith said...

I recently discovered your website and purchased some flax seed to try this out---what a great substitute for eggs!! I think I might've accidentally posted the name of my recipe on a different section of your website while I was trying to figure it out. Anyway, the name of my recipe is Crunchy Peach and Strawberry pie.

Libby said...

I finally have entry ready to submit just under the wire. They are "Oatmeal Raisin Muffins," unpretentious, but truly satisfying.