Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Trans Fat, Now What?

I realize that writing about fat might disgust you but the issue of trans fats is a a big deal. New York City just banned them in restaurants. The food industry has now switched from partially hydrogenated fats (trans fats) to interesterified fats which are totally hydrogenated fats. This can be confusing.

Recent research has shown that not only do this new fats lower your good cholesterol and raise your bad cholesterol but also raise your blood sugar. Not very good news, is it?

My recommendation is to stick with regular oil as an ingredient or to avoid added oils whenever you can.

This goes back to my vision of eating mostly whole foods which don't contain trans fats or interesterified fats. They contain what came in them naturally.

In a meeting this morning with a fellow Registered Dietitian she said that she went to a meeting at Oxford University and the take away message was for people to eat more greens, grains and beans. Now, that is easy, isn't it?

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