Sunday, January 07, 2007

Coupons as Sociology

My mother always looked at the store coupons that came in the newspaper on Sunday. And I do the same. She looked to see what she could save money on. While I attempt to do that, there are very few items featured in the circulars that contain items that I actually use. Since my diet is based on whole, not processed foods, I don't buy much of what I see featured but I look at what's advertised as a reflection of others and what they may or may not be buying.

What I noticed today is that there is a proliferation of portion-controlled items such as chocolates and cookies in smaller packages. The 100-calorie packs are very popular and I think that's good, especially if it keeps one from eating the whole darn package of whatever it is. (This is not necessary with most vegetables, especially the green ones [avocado being an exception].)

I read about The Goodness of Quaker, something to smile about for 130 years, in an ad for chewy or crunchy granola bars. I'm not sure that people ought to be smiling about granola bars although they certainly beat out candy and lots of other items featured therein. I guess that I am still a bit astounded that Quaker has made a business selling branded oats which to me are just a commodity and bulk item. I don't need to see someone's smiling face to have it in my bowl in the morning. But once again, these circulars and coupons are not aimed at me.

Tropicana boasts 2 servings of fruit in every bottle of their 10 ounce juices, sold in a 6-pack. What happened to eating fruit? It would be far better to eat 2 apples and feel full rather than swig down a small bottle of juice. I mean, look at the size of sodas and other drinks these days. Somehow the calories consumed in beverage form don't seem to count, at least in our heads but certainly it matters to our bodies.

Did you know that the beverage area is one of the fastest growing areas to make money in the food business? Other than tea, they are losing money on me. I avoid consuming my calories as drinks whenever I can, which is often.

I could go on and on about clipping coupons to save money buying items that one hardly needs but would good would that do? Instead, visit your local store that sells in bulk and cook up a batch up of unbranded oats or beans, buy a hundred calorie handful of nuts, and forget the packaging.

Read the coupons for their social value to see how we can save our society and health.

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