Thursday, February 08, 2007

Veggie Queen Mistake: Oprah not Real Simple

In the last newsletter I sent out I wrote that tofu has become more mainstream, appearing in the Real Simple magazine that I spied at my mother in law's house. Well, I was wrong. The magazine that I saw was Oprah, not Real Simple. I know that MIL subscribes to Real Simple and since both magazines are large sized, I got one confused with the other. Please forgive me, I do know the difference but...
The good news is that when tofu is featured in Oprah, I know that it has become more mainstream. That's good.
In a class the other evening I made a tofu dish in the pressure cooker and converted a student into a tofu eater. She said that she really liked it. Now, I've got to tell you that the kind of tofu that you choose will make a difference. My absolute favorite tofu is Small Planet Tofu but you may not be able to get it where you live. It's available in the west, Alaska and Hawaii. Tofu Phil plans to offer it for online ordering.
I also recommend Wildwood tofu here on the west coast. Look for smaller regional tofu makers
in your area.
Check back for more on tofu -- choosing it and using it.

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