Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Veggie Queen Says: Healthy Food is NOT Expensive

I don't often go to the "regular" supermarket but when I do, I often learn something. Yesterday, while standing at the checkout line, the woman standing 2 people in front of me put her package of asparagus and red grapes on the conveyor belt. I overheard her comment about how expensive the asparagus was. The cashier looked at the register and said, "It's $6.99 a pound."

The woman looked at the cashier with a serious expression and remarked, "It's expensive to eat healthy food." The cashier concurred. I wanted to launch into my whole talk about how eating food in season isn't expensive and if you would just think about what grows here now, you wouldn't find it expensive, but I kept my mouth closed. It was really tough for me.

Observing a usual supermarket shopper gives me a good perspective on why people think that healthy eating is expensive. The woman probably spent upwards of $10 just for her grapes and asparagus. She could be eating avocadoes, cauliflower, greens, citrus and other winter crops now, and far more of them than she procured for far less money.

Eating packaged foods is expensive, compared to almost any fresh food, possibly even out-of-season asparagus. PLEASE eat food as close to its natural state as possible and in-season. Or if you can't do that because you live in a harsh climate, then eat frozen fruits and vegetables. You only get one body, and it needs care.

Repeat after me: Eating Healthy Food is NOT Expensive if you make good choices. And I hope that you do. If you have any questions about this, please send me an email at jill@theveggiequeen.com

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