Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm Too Healthy to Be Sick

Oh, germs. They can really get you. Usually when my husband Rick gets sick, I manage to stay healthy from my incredible vegetable consumption. Somehow with the holidays and the frenetic energy at this time of year, the little buggers got me. I lost the entire day after Christmas to sleep. The cough I've had since then isn't so pleasant either but I can live with it. What's really bothering me is my stomach. It's upset and it aches. Therefore I just cannot eat the way that I truly want to.

It's almost unheard of but I haven't eaten salad 4 days. I'm still eating my veggies but only in small, cooked portions. I've added ginger, garlic and miso to my spinach in the hopes that the combo will speed my healing.

I don't usually get sick so the best part is when I feel better and can appreciate how well I usually feel.

I am contemplating making a big pot of black eyed peas and serving them with greens and cornbread for traditional Southern good luck on New Year's Day. I find it a great way to start the year. And my guys can skip the greens and that means there's more for me.

If you want your peas to have a smoky flavor you can buy some veggie bacon oir ham and cut it up after the peas are cooked, or add some Smoked Spanish paprika (look for this on my website in 2006) when cooking the beans. Either way they will be delicious.

Here's to your good luck in 2006. May your life be filled with health, happiness, prosperity and peace.

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