Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy New Year, It's About Time

I've been on the run. I just helped cook for 200 at SOMA Mushroom Camp this past weekend. I heard Paul Stamets speak and I suggest that you all run out and buy his book Mycelium Running. You too can be part of the plan to save the planet.

Because I was busy in the kitchen I did not get out to do much mushroom hunting. (As a hunter friend of mine said, "It's OK for you to hunt but not me." Well, it turns out that I am just picking the fruiting body of the mushroom, the mycelium is still alive and happy.) But I did get to make an oyster mushroom bag and I look forward to a crop of mushrooms soon. (If you have my book read the story on Page 6 "Mushrooms in My Bath Tub. If you don't have the book, order one now The Veggie Queen Book.) Since I will be going out of town next week I might have to get my son Shane to take over mushroom maintenance. I know that he can do it.

Shane managed to get his photo on the front page of the local news section in our newspaper The Press Democrat this past Monday morning. I really could have used the PR but he is a bit cuter and definitely more cuddly.

Today I ate lunch "Fit for a Queen", containing some camp leftovers: Red and White Quinoa with Garlicky Kale and Balsamic Glazed Black Trumpet Mushrooms with some Sebastopol Seeded Sourdough toast on the side. Forget about avoiding carbs, just choose the ones that are better for you.

This coming weekend I will attend The Fancy Food Show. I will definitely report back on trends and any new great products. I will be searching for herbs, spices, blends and other goodies for my website The Veggie Queen.com

Until the next time...Happy, Healthy and, most important of all, Delicious Eating.

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