Monday, December 12, 2005

Opening Your Eyes

There are lots of people in the world who want to meet you. I am sure of it even if you are not. I am not an extrovert (although writing a book and trying to sell it has forced me out in the world a bit beyond my comfort level) but I find that connecting with people is important. So, in my daily dealings in my somewhat insulated little world, I often manage to say hello or how are you?

The other day I met Kathi of Full Circle Farm Soaps (see links) at a Gift Faire that has gone from carrying locally made goods to having all kinds of "stuff". We spoke for a bit. I had met Kathi many times before as she attends an annual local craft fair that I usually attend with my family. She said, "I didn't see you at Finley this year." I explained that I had been there but was rushing through.

Now, I don't know if you know much about soap but I took a soap making class with a friend of mine. We were thinking about making soap together as a holiday gift one year. After taking the class I suggested that we make jam or something else a bit easier. Making soap is like baking in the science, chemistry and exactness departments. It's too difficult for me to stick to the guidelines. I have been known to not even follow my own recipes in a class (which caused one of my students who is just learning to cook to comment about it). For me, a recipe is a jumping off point.

In fact yesterday I was selling my books as part of an open house at Mom's Head Gardens ( in the very south part of Santa Rosa. I knew that I wanted to bring food but just wasn't sure what. I had made hummus on Friday and had a bit left (having given Cynthia of Biz Diva the rest of the roasted red pepper hummus). I decided to make more so once again I added a half cup of roasted red pepper to make reddish hummus. Then I realized that I would't have enough hummus to fill my container and remembered that I had some frozen spinach so I squeezed the liquid out of it. Then I made spinach hummus. I created a beautiful yet easy layered hummus dip in less than 10 minutes. I lined an unusual looking plastic container (leftover from organic chocolate chip cookies) with plastic wrap. I put in the plain hummus, then the red pepper and then the spinach. When I got to the open house I put a plate on the top of the open container and flipped it over. I had a beautiful dip that I surrounded with my favorite crackers from Dr. Kracker (see links) and voila - the almost instant anti-Martha alter ego emerged. People loved what I did and so did I. It was a brief moment of inspiration so easy to do that I knew that I wanted to share it with you.

What I keep discovering is that the connections that we make with others in life keeps life interesting, entertaining and worthwhile. I do what I do for that reason- so I can spread the vegetable- and healthy-eating message in a delicious way. (But if any of you know Oprah personally, please let me know.)

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