Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another Day, Another Adventure

The moon is almost full and it has an effect but not sure exactly what. Last night I actually sat with my family and watched TV - PBS, and saw a show on Antartica with Jon Krakauer in it. He mentioned that an adventure (when climbing high mountains in treacherous conditions) is due to lack of planning. For me, adventure adds to life and is usually not life-threatening. It allows me to be flexible and see what there is to see.

Today I had an extremely tasty lunch of Rising Moon artichoke and organic olive ravioli with just a drizzle of McEvoy olive oil, some salad mix on the side and an orange for dessert. I am working on a week long menu for a client and it has me focusing more on meals and snacks. I tend to graze. I suspect that like most people I eat "what is there" which I heard for years from private nutrition counseling clients. I know what I've got around and if it's not what one might consider "healthy" it was a choice. But, hey, it's the holidays and this time of year only comes around once.

As I've previously mentioned, I don't deviate much in what I eat. I always feel best when I eat lots of veggies. This morning at the farmer's market I bought a bag of kale. I can't wait to cook it all up with garlic and drizzle balsamic vinegar over it. Yummy. The farmer reminded me that the kale will taste really good now because we've had a frost. He's right.

On Saturday I will be standing out in the cold at the farmer's market in Santa Rosa and handing out my Curried Pear and Squash Soup for all to taste (see my website for the recipe). I want to add some warmth to day for market shoppers. While I usually use only Delicata squash I am going to mix my squash and put lots of it in, along with some ginger and maybe even a bit of hot pepper to really take the chill off the day.

P.S. And what a cold and stormy day it was. But more about that at another time.

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