Sunday, September 04, 2005

We Can Count on Change

I have been known to say that one thing that we can count on is change. Whether we see it in the world around us or within us, or even choose to ignore it, change takes place.

This morning I discovered a Japanese cucumber that I had been hiding in the foilage and was way over the hill - yellowed with big seeds. It will change into compost. I rescued a large Middle Eastern cucumber from the same fate but in just another day or two, it would have joined its distant relative. (I say this with sadness at what has occurred along the Gulf Coast with Hurricane Katrina.) But one of the best parts of being human, is that we forget, and forge ahead. Perhaps my cucumber plants do the same although I see that with the changes in the September weather and sun, that the plants are waning. I still hope for a few more cukes. And I am still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen. (Thank goodness that I am not a farmer for many reasons but the waiting would be painful.)

This November we have a ballot measure to vote on here in Sonoma County called Measure M. It is a ban on GMOs, genetically modified organisms, for 10 years here. I do not want my food messed around with, especially with the possible resulting detrimental environmental and unknown health effects. If you have not yet had a chance to watch the DVD The Future of Food, I suggest that you do so. It will help open your eyes about this issue. The science can be scary and perhaps difficult to understand. Maybe that's why people don't realize why we must say NO - loud and clear. (I feel like I have studied enough science to realize the potential impact of GMOs running wild in field and stream (or ocean).)

Enjoy your long weekend, cook and eat well, as you are able. Remember that one ripe tomato (peach, avocado, or your choice) is better than a whole basket that's unripe and without flavor. Spend your dollars wisely, and be ready for change.


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