Sunday, September 11, 2005

Getting Confirmation

When you are as enthused about vegetables as I am, it's hard to know if you just think that something is great, or if it really is. Yesterday I was shopping at Trader Joe's and ran into Susan and Tony who have been growing vegetables for years. (I wish that I could remember the name of their farm.) Susan was a bit frazzled but Tony seemed ready to engage. "Are you still growing the trombocino squash?" I asked.
"Yes," replied Tony. "They are one of my two favorites."
"What's the other?" I questioned.
I had hoped that his answer would echo mine. "Costata Romanesca," was his answer. I went on to say that they were my favorites, too. We talked about the flavors and why these varieties, especially the trombocino which needs to be trellised, are not grown commercially. This is even more of a reason why growing your own food is important (but if you aren't a good gardener or just can't or won't grow food then support local growers, please).

A big issue here in Sonoma County is that of genetically engineered foods. A ban on growing GE crops will be on our ballot. I hope that enough people can be educated to support the ban. See for more information. Maybe this is something that you want to think about getting going wherever you live.

To switch subjects rather abruptly here, I just want to mention that I finally have a sign up box on my website for my e-newsletter which will start in October. I also have a name the newsletter contest since I have not yet had the one perfect name pop into my head. I'd love to hear your ideas. Stay tuned for more adventures with me, Jill, The Veggie Queen.

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