Friday, April 28, 2006

Spring is Here - And all that comes with it

After one of the rainiest and longest Sonoma County winters on record, we finally have spring here. It went from rainy and in the 50s to sunny and close to 80, with very little transition. I personally like transitions a lot. I wouldn't, for instance, like to be able to travel from here to San Diego (where I am headed early next week, and that's just 3 days away) in a split second like on Star Trek.

I could live without driving an hour and a half to the airport, parking and that transitional time but the time on the plane serves me well with the physicality of getting to a new place. I can reflect on where I've been and where I am going.

And back to that physical part and how it relates to spring -- allergies. It seems like every plant that has ever existed in this county has now sprung to life, creating an unbelievably high level of stuff in the air. It often takes me a few days of trying to figure out why I just can't think straight before the sneezing starts and then I realize that I have been attacked by allergies.

Now this is a bad thing when one (especially a woman with closet issues) is packing to leave town for almost a week. My usual indecision in what to bring with me is made worse by the fog in my head, the fact that I will be presenting at a professional conference and how I hauled way too much to Seattle just a few weeks ago when I was traveling. I told myself that I would, and could, pack less.

Instead of putting The Veggie Queen books that I will sell in my suitcase I am going to ship them to a friend. She has most likely already received a few boxes of items which I will hand out at the Vegetarian Dietitians booth at the conference, as well as the spice samples that I will provide at my Spice it Up talk.

I will be repeating that talk at Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA in July. And hope to find many other venues. And don't worry, I will be well dressed as I am sure that I still packed too many clothes. But at least for now I can blame it on my allergies.

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