Tuesday, January 24, 2006

With More Than a Grain of Salt

I attended the Fancy Food Show just a couple of days ago. I went with 2 colleagues and I knew that I would have seen and tasted more had I gone alone. I saw enough to know that salt, chocolate and beverages are the latest, greatest items. Thank goodness that there were enough types of water to satiate my thirst after consuming as much salt as you might find in a Big Mac or some other really processed food.

I don't use much salt in cooking and have complaints from some friends about this but I often find prepared food in restaurants too salty for my taste. I use salt as a condiment which is the only way that some of the salts coming into the marketplace ought to be used. Just wait until you can purchase smoked salt (of various types), Pink Himalayan and Celtic salts from my website
The Veggie Queen.

I will also have a number of spices and herb blends available. I am making my list now so if there's something that you just love and don't want to be without please let me know. I will definitely have Spanish saffron, Smoked Spanish paprika and most probably Saigon cinnamon, as well as some special blends that I've concocted. It's a big herb and spice world out there so I hope to narrow it for you and carry what you need and want.

So, back to the salt. Some of the salts were really salty and some weren't. I prefer the less salty salts and many of them are just for topping your food. To me, there is nothing like a great piece of toasted bread (here I can get a wonderful whole grain sunflower loaf but those small rectangular German whole grain breads also fill the bill) with a bit of mashed avocado, spicy sprouts and some smoked or other salt on top. Now, that's what I call breakfast, snack or lunch.

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