Sunday, October 16, 2005

GE Free Battle Heats Up

The GE Free campaign here has forced people to take sides, as they ought to. I am of the mind that I don't want people to mess with my food. I get to choose if there are GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in what I eat. If GMOs are introduced into our food supply in this county, we are almost assured of losing organic agriculture. It's too much for me to think about. So I am spending some time telling people about Measure M, a 10 year moratorium on GMOs in Sonoma County. If you want to read more please go to

As I prepare to leave town for Boston, Measure M will stay behind. I'll focus on getting out the word about my vegetable-eating message. Now to see how I can pack some of my cooking equipment safely in my suitcase. Carry on is not an option on this trip but I will go armed with some extra fruit just to keep my fiber intake up -- it's crucial when you travel along with lots of water.

It will be an adventure to find what's fresh on the "other" coast. I am ready for fall.


colby said...

Campaign gets hot, heavy on the Web
Cindy Uken The Desert Sun The bell has rung and political opponents have come out swinging in Desert Hot Springs.
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