Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Things that The Veggie Queen and John Ash have in Common

I was going to write a post specifically about 1 subject when it dawned on me that John Ash and I share a number of characteristics which I wanted to share with you. Not quite as interesting as Letterman but...

Here goes:
  1. Our names start with the same letter
  2. We both live in Sonoma County -- Santa Rosa to be exact
  3. We're writers
  4. We encourage people to use local ingredients
  5. We're each cooks and not bakers or gardeners
  6. We're each irreverent when we teach and love to share stories
  7. We've shared the same behind-the-scenes person, who we both adore
  8. We support local and encourage others to do the same
  9. We encourage farming without poisons, or the Cide sisters as John refers to them (pesticide, fungicide and herbicide)
  10. We've both been sprouting in our kitchens for many years

And it's the last one that I will really post about next time. So, be on the lookout for more about sprouting.


She who cooks... said...

I love sprouting! It is amazing how excited I get every time I sprout seeds or wheat etc. It's a tiny phenomenon every time! I just use Ball jars with cheese cloth tops, nothing fancy. :)

The Veggie Queen said...

Well, stay tuned for more info on the subject. Just finished sprouting a jar with French green lentils, broccoli, radish and mustard. It's spicy and delicious.

Could it be easier? I don't think so.

dale ball said...

Funny, I've just started sprouting again...after at least a year of not...and like She Who Cooks, I become obsessed with the little guys as they emerge ! I couldn't help myself last week and took pictures of them. I'll have to blog on that soon. Can't wait to see your blogging on sprouts, Veggie Queen, and thanks for opining on Purely Decadent Ice Cream on my blog :> I'll have to try the other flavors now !