Sunday, December 28, 2008

Never Too Much Cinnamon for Me

When I eat my special morning cereal, made in the pressure cooker in 3 minutes at pressure, I always add a cinnamon stick during cooking. When it's done, I and then top the bowl with powdered cinnamon; using the word sprinkle hardly describes it. It helps with my blood sugar and I adore the taste.

My son used to chew on cinnamon sticks when he was younger and I let him. I guess that he inherited the cinnamon gene. My husband doesn't comment on it and rarely eats it. To each their own.

Once I mistakenly grabbed cinnamon instead of pizza spice when making pizza and the cinnamon sugar pizza was born in my house. Like cinnamon toast but even better, on the crunchy thin crust. It became one of my son's favorite meals, although I didn't make it often.

This post by Talli sums up cinnamon and its health benefits. I think that the best reason to eat it is because it tastes so good.


Loretta said...


I love my pressure cooker and use it often. Today I made lentil soup in it because my family (we are Italian)believes that for good luck in the new year we must eat a bowl of lentil soup.

Being a huge cinnamon fan, I would love to know how you make your breakfast cereal.

I love your site!



The Veggie Queen said...

Hi Loretta,

Thanks for your kind words. I guess that I am going to have a good year, between black eyed peas and lentils.

The cereal is very easy. I use 1 cup cereal (this time it was Arrowhead Mills 7 Grain Wheat-Free) adn 3 cups liquid -- usually water and soy milk, mostly water plus a cinnamon stick or 2 and part of a vanilla bean. Bring to pressure and leave at high pressure for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and let the pressure come down naturally. Take out the cinnamon sticks and vanilla. Add powdered cinnamon, rains, agave, seeds, whatever.

Enjoy and Happy New Year.