Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why Sauerkraut? And other probiotic questions.

I read an article yesterday that in a poll of 1000 people in the US only 15% had any idea of what probiotics are, and my guess is that many have heard the word but are still unsure of what these living marvels do.

This means that there are far too many people who just don't know that eating live food can make a difference in their life. (But that's because so many Americans eat food that's way beyond dead -- processed beyond recognition.)

Probiotics help populate your gut with beneficial bacteria -- the stuff that's supposed to be there, that sometimes gets wiped out by antibiotics or GI disturbances. Also, there are prebiotics, which help keep your system healthy, in beans, whole grains and other vegetarian foods.

The other day I made sauerkraut. It is incredibly easy to do. And today I am eating some delicious pink kraut, that didn't cost me $10 per pint, which I just verified at the store today. Mine cost me $2.50 for the cabbage and I ended up with 2 pints, which is quite a savings. And where shall I spend what I've saved, I keep asking myself.

But back to the kraut. I did not grow up eating this stuff. And, in fact, since I don't eat hot dogs or sausages, which is what I think most people do with sauerkraut, I have to find other ways to use it.

One of the best, to my taste, is to mix it with cooked brown rice and vegetables. It's best if there's ginger or hot peppers in the mix. The cool and sour of the kraut, is a great complement in this simple-foods dish. I must admit that I first had something similar at Cafe Gratitude which was called The Macro Bowl (but of course, it had a name something like I AM LOVED or GRATEFUL).

A daily dose of sauerkraut will likely help keep your system populated with the good guy bacteria. And it will keep you healthier. If you want to know more about making sauerkraut and other fermented foods, check out Sandorkraut tells all.

Here's to your health and the health of your gut. Isn't that where your intuition lies?


Vanessa Hart said...
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The Cooking Lady said...

I have made Sue Fallon's(Nourishing Traditions) dill pickles and those are fermented and man oh man, are they good. My girlfriend has made her sauerkraut and again, man oh man was it delicious.

I love her book.

Kathy said...

I made sauerkraut for the first time about a week ago. So far it just smells and tates sour. How long do you usually leave it before starting to eat it?

Try adding sauerkraut to mashed root vegetables. Last time I made a combination of sweet potato, rutabaga and turnips - mashed them and added sauerkraut. They don't really need anything else because they taste great that way.