Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Veggie Queen in New York City

I was in New York City recently where I had a chance to meet my friend Fran Costigan, also known as The Dairy-Free Dessert Diva, on a cool, rainy early Spring day. But seeing Fran certainly brightened things up. And the fact that we were both completely engaged and chatting away while having a pot of tea in a tea salon at The Chelsea Market made the time fly by.

Fran took me on a tour of the market which is an old building filled with food-related shops and The Food Network Studios. While we were there someone was conducting a food tour of some of the shops, similar to what Fran and I did but ours wasn't structured.

Judging from what I saw, most New Yorkers are living on white flour and sugar -- there were at least 4 bakeries and a candy shop within a short distance of one another. My favorite stop, other than the expensive tea shop ($6 for a pot of tea), was Amy's Bakery which makes bread of many yummy types. I got a pumpernickel rye sunflower raisin breadstick that was truly delicious. The bread was dense but not heavy with a thick, chewy crust. I bought 2 of them and was actually pleased that I hadn't bought a loaf for I surely would have eaten it all.

The saddest part of meeting Fran was that we had so little time together but we'll meet again at Vegetarian Summerfest in June in Johnstown, PA. I would have loved to have tasted something that Fran baked. What she suggests is: Eat clean, green, whole and save room for good desserts! I concur.

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goodcakesfran said...

Hi Jill,
I agree about wanting more time with you! We have so much to talk about and hardly made a dent between sips of the expensive tea but let';s note here that the pots were beautiful and made for sharing. Amy's breads are excellent and made with organic ingredients. I moderate my bread munching but love her semolina-raisin and the olive bread. I like the ratio of chewy crust to dense interior.
I also agree that the number of bakeries (especially numbers of brownies and you know it, CUPCAKES) sold is staggering, but did I point of the soup shop that sells soups marked V for vegan indeed.

I am working on my demo recipes and workshop topics for Summerfest now, as my daughter in being married over memorial day weekend and moi, mom wants to be free for helping, enjoying, and yes, making the cake and mini cake.

I am so happy we;ll get (Make!) time to be together to continue our converstation, at NAVS. Our brief time together left me invigorated and with an energy gain. You are truly the veggie queen. I bought several greens on my way home in honor of you, opened your book, and made an variation of several of your recipes. I love your writing and the illustrations. I need my green, with bitter edge preferably as the balance for my recipe testing. (BUt wait til you taste my new opera cake!
Thanks for you Jill!