Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nuts are Big at Safeway

I am not referring to the shoppers and their state of mind. But one of my local Safeway stores was just remodeled (after being built only a few years ago) and one of the most prominent features is a large nut bar. In addition to ordering nuts by the pound, or part thereof, there is also a station which will fresh grind nut butters for you -- ranging from almost to peanut, peanut and chocolate to organic peanut. I noticed that the price of the organic peanut was $5.99.

When I checked at the nearby natural food store where I shop,. their organic fresh peanut butter is only $3.49 per pound. I have a feeling that for most Safeway shoppers, having fresh ground nut butter is such a novely that they'll try it, and if they like it, they'll be back. But it seems expensive to me in the $4 to $8 per pound range.

Additionally, while I think that including nuts, seeds and nut butters in a vegan or vegetarian diet in moderation is just fine, I am not sure about including them in a SAD (standard American diet) due their high fat content. But truth is if the nuts or nut butters are replacing processed food, then that's a good thing.

Just the fact that Safeway has chosen to have a nut bar is quite interesting. I suspect that in addition to the high profit margin potential from the nut bar, they must think that nuts are an up and coming food item. I hadn't thought of them that way but maybe now I will.

I use nuts often as a way to add toasty flavor or texture to food, especially in salads or pasta dishes. One of my favorite things to eat is toasted bread with nuts or seeds in it, especially on the crust. Put on some avocado and maybe some sprouts, and I'll call it breakfast. Obviously I am a nutty Safeway shopper (not very often) of a different kind.


Toothfairyrecipes said...

I love adding nuts to food for texture too, especially in fresh salads, where it gives a crunchy texture to them. I also find them very filling, like somedays i only have a small pack of mixed nuts and raisins and I'll be full. Thanks for sharing:-)

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