Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chatting with Dan Piraro of Bizarro

I met Dan Piraro for the second time since last summer at the Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim. This time I actually had a conversation with him. He is not only brilliant when drawing his cartoons, he is a funny guy -- pretty blunt or direct, too. I like that.

Perhaps he was happy to have a conversation with someone who just wanted to talk about life -- not necessarily about his cartoons, although some of them are just hysterical (at least to me).

Dan is an animal activist, and he recently designed the product label for So Delicious Kids Popsicles. In our conversation Dan said that he wasn't such a great fan of kids, as such, except for the fact that they are human beings. He loves his 2 daughters very much and seems relieved that they have grown up somewhat, the youngest being 19. But he's done having kids despite having a beautiful young wife.

I wasn't writing while talking to Dan and can't remember all the funny and poignant things that he said but I walked away laughing. And when I did I had a poster in my hand, signed to my son Shane. I told my contact at Amy's Kitchen about the poster and took her over to meet Dan. Michelle was thrilled.

If you want to feel more connected to Dan he suggests the you support Farm Sanctuary Also read Dan's strip Bizarro in your newspaper, if you are lucky enough, that they include it. It will likely give you a new perspective on a number of issues -- he's got plenty of "vegan" cartoons.

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