Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mushrooms and Election Day

I like Election Day. It's one day that I know that I can accomplish something before 8 a.m. that I feel good about doing, other than walking the dog. But I'm not going to get into politics here. Let's just say that I encourage you to vote -- and do what you think is right for you.

It's like eating and making food choices, there's lots of information out there and a lot of it is confusing. You do the best that you can. You won't hear me say, "Just listen to me, I'll tell you exactly what to do." Nope, you've got to decide for yourself.

But when it comes to mushrooms, I have a lot to say. I'll start with, "Eat them." They taste good and they're likely very good for you. Hunt them for recreation but don't eat them unless you are with a professional who is sure of which kind you have picked. We've had our first rain and I noticed the mushrooms peeking out of the duff while I'm out walking the dog.

As for my walks, I have to say that although they are mostly a sniff-and-pee fest for my dog Bear, that my morning walks have kept me in good shape since we've had him. I don't do much other exercise. So, that's my vote for walking -- DAILY - rain, shine, heat or cold. We don't have snow but if we did I'd head somewhere indoors for my exercise or take up cross-country skiiing or something aerobic.

Remember that we need air, water and food plus love to have a fulfilling life. OH, but back to mushrooms. Eat them as often as you an, especially shiitakes in the winter for an immune system boost.

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