Wednesday, May 03, 2006

San Diego - Great News

On May Day when people all around the country were protesting, I was flying to San Diego to teach at a cooking school called Great News. It was definitely great news for me. I feel privileged to have made it into their catalog, finding myself listed on the celebrity chef page in the same sidebar as John Ash.
The veggie class that I taught was attended by 40+ people. The kitchen there is fabulous. They have all kinds of great equipment. I got to try out a new pressure cooker, a WMF, and it worked just fine. I'm not sure that I am ready to trade any of my others in for that brand, and I have too many right now as it is.
The store sold out of the 20 copies of my book that they pre-ordered. I had 2 people assisting me, along with 4 volunteers, and a back kitchen dishwasher who I never met but who definitely deserved a big hug for her hard work. They know how to run a successful class. I do wish that the cooking schools in my area were as organized. The school is attached to a retail cookware store that I really didn't get to explore until I went back the next day to return a folder for my class that had mistakenly been put with my folder to take with me. Oooops.
The good part was that I got to look around the store a bit and buy a gift for a friend as well as to replace my mutliple setting kitchen timer which stopped working a few months ago. I was thrilled. It's the little things that can make me happy.
The weather has been overcast and that's jut fine, too.
I have taken 2 wonderful yoga classes. What more could I want, other than some organic strawberries?

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