Monday, March 09, 2009

First Ever Pressure Cooking Radio Show -- Save Money, Cook Fast

Steve Garner, The Veggie Queen, John Ash

Recently, I was the guest on KSRO's Good Food Hour, the longest running food show in California. It's been on for 22 years.

I was the first for a couple of things:
  1. Show on pressure cooking in their history

  2. Live on-air pressure cooking

I think that the time is ripe for people to invest in a great new (old fashioned but improved technology) way to cook. It has all the elements that make it work: it's energy efficient, it doesn't require great cooking skills, the food comes out delicious and nutritious, it's fast, and you can easily turn $2 worth of ingredients into an amazing pot of soup. Add another dollar or two and you can have stew.

I prepared Shane's Fabulous Lentil Soup and my soon-to-be-famous Market Fresh Breakfast Potatoes, Tofu and Vegetables (with Small Planet Tofu) right at Bassagnani's, where people stopped by for samples.

As you can see from the set-up, I didn't have much room for cooking. But I had a great time with Steve Garner and John Ash. They called the photo that we had taken of the 3 of us, "A Rose Between 2 Thorns". I wouldn't quite put it that way since John and Steve are great guys. I thank them for thinking of me and putting me on the air to cook under pressure. It was great fun.

My only lament is that they don't have it recorded for download. Maybe next time that will happen, and there may be far less pressure.

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