Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jeff Novick Entertains at McDougall Advanced Study Weekend

Today I had the chance to listen to my fellow Registered Dietitian, colleague and friend Jeff Novick as he presented at the McDougall program to a group of about 100 very interested people. Jeff is very funny. And he also provides a lot of useful information.

His talk today was on label reading and why you want and need to avoid processed and packaged foods. He explained that most of what you read on a label is a lie, and it is really your responsibility to learn how to judge a product. His rules were simple, and I won't repeat them in case you get the chance to hear Jeff speak. I don't want to ruin your fun or his.

The one thing that he did discuss that I want to echo is about sodium in the diet. He provided the following statistics:

  • 77% of the sodium in your diet comes from processed and restaurant food

  • 12% occurs naturally in food

  • 5% is from what you use in cooking

  • 6% is added at your table

So you can see that eating at home cooked food and adding a bit of salt is just fine. One of my biggest complaints about eating in restaurants is that the food is too salty for me. I'd rather undersalt and then add a sprinkle on top, where you can really taste it.

I am going to be carrying a line of seasonings in adjustable grinders that contain salt and seasonings. They are perfect for boosting flavor in a big way.

Eating real food at home is the ideal way to get what you need nutritionally and for taste.


Beverly Lewis said...

Hi there, I just discovered the WE magazine list of "101 Bloggers to Watch" today & Heidi said to tell you she sent me. I was astonished at the statistics on sodium. I have been really interested in alternative health strategies for many years and will be back to read more!

The Veggie Queen said...

Thanks for visiting. The more we find out about food and health, the more shocking it is to see what's happened to our food supply. We've got to get everyone eating "real" foods.