Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day for The Veggie Queen

Unlike many other people around these parts (Northern California), I usually wait until at least Mother's Day to plant my small garden. I've found that when I do it any sooner, there is likely to be a frost and the plants often don't make it.

So, I patiently wait.

This year for Mother's Day we decided to do something different and attend the breakfast held for the Timber Cove Volunteer Fire Department. My mother-in-law, son, husband and myself were to travel up the coast (of CA) to Plantation.

Unfortunately my MIL didn't feel well so she stayed home. My teenage son decided that was reason enough to not go, so my husband and i went. I figured that there would be a hundred or so people willing to make the drive.

But I was wrong, there were about 300 people in all who were there. I actually even ran into people that I knew from more locally -- this is a good 1 hour plus drive, to a very beautiful spot. And most of the people took the time to go.

The food was completely uneventful and nothing to bother writing about. But they gave out cute little corsages and pinned them on the mothers. They had sparkling wine, delicious strawberries and an array of incredible rhododendrons to see, labeled with their names in a rainbow of colors.

When we got home from our adventure, I planted a cucumber and a tomato. My son made me a card that I will forever treasure, as simple as it was. He included a "slave labor" coupon in it to be used as I see fit. Hhhhm, I'll have to cook up some ideas and pull one out of my hat.

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