Sunday, April 01, 2007

Organic French Fries and Weight Loss

This morning while flipping through the coupons in the Sunday paper I saw an ad for organic frozen French Fries. The worst part about it was that they were touting the fact that they provide more in their bag than other leading frozen brands. I certainly encourage people to eat organic foods, and, yes, even with French Fries it would be better but they are not on my list of recommended foods. If you've got to eat them, do oven fries and make them yourself. They'll likely taste better and be better for you. Ugh. What will they come up with next in the organic department? It's getting insane.

Related to this reversely is that I saw someone at the first Sebastopol farmer's market of the season. I hadn't seen her in a number of months. I said hello and realized that this woman (who shall remain nameless so we'll use the letter A. unless she chooses to be known) had lost weight. I asked her if she'd lost some weight and she said, "Yes. I lost 68 pounds."

"How did you do it? " I asked. She told me that she cut out white flour and white sugar. This goes back to the blog in which I wrote about "crap carbs". A. got it. Good for her. She said that she'd like to lose more and I suspect that she will now that she's understood the concept: processed white flour and sugar products are not good for you. It doesn't matter if it's sourdough bread or pasta. None of them are good as part of your regular meals.

But enough ranting...I just want to say that it was a joy to go to the first Sunday market. And since last year was such a vegetable bust due to heavy rains deep into the spring, this year was a joy -- asparagus, lettuce, greens, onions, garlic. Oh, I am getting hungry. Time to develop some new recipes.


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