Monday, February 13, 2006

A Quick Trip to San Francisco

Although I only live about an hour away from San Francisco, it is a world away. And one that usually involves expensive parking and too much traffic. But this past weekend, I took one day and went with my son Shane to visit with my sister Donna who is here from the East Coast. So, Shane and I took the ferry to SF which was incredibly relaxing for me, and boring for Shane. The weather was clear and sunny, a San Francisco rarity.

We walked a lot and that was great. We took the Muni bus and the cable car, acting like San Franciscans and tourists alike. We took in the sites at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market and watched a cooking demonstration. It was great to be in the audience and not behind the burners, for a change. As we perused the market stalls I had to restrain myself from buying lots of beautiful vegetables so that I wouldn't end up carrying them around all day. Shane convinced me to buy a smoky eggplant dip named Aubergine and a baguette which we devoured later.

The bus ride to Haight Ashbury left us a bit hungry so we popped into a Mexican place. I snuck out and went to the sausage shop next door for a vegan sausage with hot and sweet mustard and grilled onions. Other than the roll which was too white and soft for me, it was a nice eat-on-the-go snack which provided enough energy to walk further into the Haight and hike up to Buena Vista Park.

I can't imagine a nicer or more relaxing day in San Francisco. I hope that if you go, you have a similar experience.

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